Eagle Syndrome & Acid Reflux

I was recently diagnosed with Eagle Syndrome. At this point I’ve decided not to proceed with surgery. Has anyone found relief with alternative medicine or naturally?

My ENT specialist also said that my throat is extremely red and that it’s likely due to acid reflux. Is this common with Eagle Syndrome? He said it was unrelated but I’d like to hear from people who have ES.

Thanks so much for your help!

I was dignosed 4 years ago. No surgery yet. I live with the pain and look forward to a new life(when the operation have been done - I went to the doctor yesterday).

Not everyone has surgery; some people have had success with a chiropractor (but be very careful that they know about ES and know what they’re doing or a styloid process could get fractured). If you look in the ES Info section (Treatments) in the Newbies category there are a few other suggestions. There are also some medications which can help, or steroid/ lidocaine injections into that area which you might find preferable to surgery.
I don’t know about ES causing reflux, but a lot of people get wrongly diagnosed with that before they’re diagnosed with ES. Sore throats do seem to be common with ES though.

Thank you for your help!

It’s been my experience to have “acid reflux” be a misdiagnosis for Eagle Syndrome. Please be careful with PPI perscriptions. They actually create a rebound problem where it causes acid, and more pills are given (or purchased over the counter). Your esophogus is the only one you have. There are some great ND remedies that don’t cause rebound - they are licorice based (not the candy that’s full of gluten). The licorice based tablets also help the esophogus heal. ES in my case is making my throat swollen and red.