Eagle Syndrome Treatment

Really sympathize with Eagle Syndrome sufferers - particularly when not appropriately treated - or not diagnosed. You think you're 'nuts' - so do the doctors. I asked the ENT to stick his finger down my throat as I could feel something sticking out. He thought I was joking! Eventually "Dr. Google" diagnosed it!!? Not kidding!! The ENT then concurred.

Trigeminal neuralgia, fybromyalgia and chronic tonsillitis diagnosed instead of calcified stylo-hyoid process. Insist on CT scan - sonar/x-rays don't pick it up. I had a 4cm stylo-hyoid process surgically removed just over a year ago - brought huge relief to right-hand side of my face and neck. It caused migraines, ear ache, tooth ache, pain in my eye and sinus, swollen and painful parotid and salivary glands, burning mouth syndrome, neck and shoulder inflammation - and also affected my stomach (perhaps medications?). I had to have the op from the outside in as it was too long to remove through the tonsil/inner throat - the cut went from behind my ear lobe, along the crease in my neck to the outer throat/swallowing area - about 10cm. The ENTs call it 'Tiger Territory' or 'Lion Country' - because its a bit 'tricky' - between the carotid artery, jugular vein and facial nerves. It has to be done - but NB must done by verrrry competent ENT or maxillo-facial surgeon! Recovery time takes a few months, plus physio needed to relieve muscular spasm and scar tissue pain. "Scarban" (excuse marketing) really worked to heal the scar.

Hey, I have another one on the other side - can you believe it? Will let you know.

Hi Flyingeagle

Thanks for the information, it made me more cautious. What was the name of your surgeon? How are you feeling now? :)