Eagle syndrome?

Hey their guys im going to put up some of my scan photos that i think show a sort of eagles. If anyone wants to have a look & give me some insight that would be great. Appretiate you all.

I have sent you a PM :blush:

@Liam - Welcome to our forum. I can’t see your styloids in the pictures you sent. I’m hoping @Henrik’s PM to you gave you an idea of better images to post so we can give you an “unofficial” opinion about your styloids.


I will post what i have found and been looking at.

Im no expert, neither am i very good at reading CT scans. But i have tried, and want to learn how to read. I have compared them to my scans, so i had something to look for.

I will circle out the things that has my atention.

  • Henrik
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Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 12-34-45 7.pdf
Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 12-35-35 styloid.pdf
Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 12-35-57 2.pdf
Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 12-33-05 4.pdf
Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 12-33-38 6.pdf
Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 12-34-05 77.44482909.pdf
Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 12-34-28 5.pdf
Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 12-31-43 calcfied.pdf
Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 12-32-31 3.pdf

This is what i have found, i have pointed out an arrow on two off the images wich got my attention but im not sure.

To me it looks like segments off calcfied stylohyoid ligaments.

let me know if we are looking at the same thing.

  • Henrik

Excellent work @Henrik!! I saw the bits of white but wasn’t sure what I was looking at, now that you’ve marked them, I can also see they’re probably parts of calcified stylohyoid ligaments.

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