ENT in Atlanta

My sister just had external surgery for eagles with Dr. Raj C. Dedhia at Emory Universit in Atlanta GA. She had a great experience – her symptoms are much better and apparently he had great bedside manner. I found a video that he has made for the internal approach, not for faint of heart !

THanks for that, and best wishes to your sister!

Hi Atlanta, I’m glad your sister is better. Can you tell us a little more about her situation?

What symptoms did your sister have? Did they clear up after the surgery?

Could you tell us how long her styloid was and how much the doctor took out? If it was an external surgery, did she get first-bite syndrome?

Do you know how many Eagles surgeries the doctor has performed?


She had ear fullness and trouble swallowing on her left side (for years!) As the doctor said, the started improving 1 week after surgery as the swelling went down. She now has almost none of those symptoms, I am amazed.
She said he showed her a picture of 2 centimeters that he removed. Not sure how long it was.
No firstbite syndrome.
He is a sleep apnea surgery expert (that’s what I saw when I looked him up online) but apparently has done a bunch of eagles cases in the last year. My sister adores him !

I’m a Georgia girl too! I couldn’t believe there weren’t some good Drs listed for Atl. Maybe this one should be on the list. How did you find out about him? Did he make the diagnosis as well as perform the surgery?

How is your sister doing now? I just realized your posts were from 3 years ago😆 Hope she’s happy living her life!

Hi Hezza,
Unfortunately, Dr. Dedhia moved to Pennsylvania this year. He no longer practices in Georgia. Sewmomma also had her ES surgery done by Dr. Dedhia. She has posted more recently than Atlanta if you want to ask her questions.

Thanks, no, I was excited there might be a lead on a Dr in Atl…should’ve known, since he wasn’t on the list…

Hi! I was sad to see Dr. Dedhia leave Emory. He was wonderful.

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