ENT in Raleigh, NC

I want to put a short blurb here about Dr. Matthew Ellison at Duke Otolaryngology. He is fabulous. He told me that has treated many patients surgically with ES. He is caring, he listens, he explained everything to me and I never felt rushed. He ordered another scope today because the one they do is more detailed than my first and when it was over he showed me the video and explained everything on it. His exam of me was very thorough, which is unusual with doctors most of the time.

Dr. Ellison is absolutely worth the drive to Raleigh if you live in a surrounding state and are having trouble finding a local ENT to help you.

I wish everyone here the best of luck!



Thanks for sharing that info Alyce!

That is excellent news, Alyce! So glad you had a positive & productive appointment w/ Dr. Ellison. It’s also great to know of another doctor who could be added to our ES Doctors’ list!!

Yes, actually that’s how I found his name … from the list. It’s fabulous that a list of doctors like that exists, it can help so many people.

Hope you are well.

Well then, I’m glad you’ve had a good experience w/ a doctor from our list!! Guess I should have checked it out before my last reply!

I’m doing great, thank you! ES surgery gave me my life back! Hoping you have the same experience with the therapy you’re going through.

:+1: :grin:

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Thank you so much for your post.
I’m not happy or satisfied with my doctor right now and need to find someone else!

Feedback is such a BIG help :heavy_heart_exclamation: