Ent visit in Geelong

At last ive also seen Dr Roy Nicholson today :-) KenD and i went together we had a list of questions to ask and the dr was more than happy to answer all of our questions , but the down fall is it will be done twice i thought we would both get it done at once for both sides , so went to have another scan done as well while i was down there , so i will be calling his office on friday morning about the results then i need to make another appointment to see him then he will send me to the clinic and be booked in on the waiting list, i also asked what other pain relief i can take besides the list he had read and there is nothing so we will just have to put up with it for abit longer, he was 100% better than that idiot who calls himself an ent that i saw over 3 weeeks ago he couldnt even look me in the eyes and speak to me and avoided any questions i asked , least i wasnt dizzy today but at the moment i do have ear and neck pain but the main thing is i was able to drive the 2 hours there and back on me own :-)

Purple girl,

I am so happy for you!!! Finally making progress feels so good, does give you hope just knowing help is just around the corner. I think they do one side at a time because of potential nerve issues. If you were to have a bit of numbness on both sides at the same time then it might make it difficult to swallow food until the nerves healed.


yeh he said the 1 side at a time and he did mention about the nerve , then it will take 3 months to heal then it will be the other side for the both of us , so dr also mentioned not driving for the first week, and no physical workouts for a month i do have an exersize bike so i wont be pushng it , and 1 week off work ,but ill be taking 2 weeks off as im not too crash hot after any opp ive had in the past :frowning: so first thing in the morning ill be calling up his office about me results then book in to go back and see him then work from there so yeh, i still cant believe the both of us are finally getting treatment , but as the dr said its comman but is very easily miss diagnosed , i we both really feel for everybody body else who is still trying to get answers for their symptoms , i had to go to the shopping center today and i couldnt turn me head so i had to keep on driving around looking for a car park that i was able to drive straight into and not having to reverse out that was quite embarrassing with other drivers watching me and shaking their heads

Purple girl,

This is terrific news!!! Yes you are finally the answers to your symptoms which like R.B. said gives you hope that you and KenD are in the right place with Dr Roy Nicholson. Be careful when your driving and don't worry about what others may think, as your trying your best to be safe. I have problems with pain when I turn my head so I can relate.

What I don’t understand is after the dr asked me have I been in any car accidents I said yes my brother was driving and tge women who hit us it was on the drivers side she made us spin around so I wonder y its me and yet my brother hasn’t got eagles syndrome? And he has never had any problems.

I remember that day crystal clear :frowning: there always were heaps of accidents there. She was doing over the speed limit. She was fine I couldn’t move acouple of people stopped to help all I said omg my neck I didn’t want an ambulance to be called Imy brother darryl was just shaken up I was helped out of the car I sat on the side of tge rd crying I couldn’t move properly for a week. Then within 12 months later when I was rushed to hospital by ambulance to 2 different hospitals in 23 hours apart put in tge stroke unit that’s when all me symptoms started :frowning: and 2 years ago driving home from work a drunk driver smashed into my side of me car door that’s when I went down hill very quickly :frowning: and its taken 6 years to finally find out the real reason I’ve had server agony thank God for CT scans