Im on the waiting list as well :-) :-) :-)

After calling Dr Roy Nicholsons office for the past 4 days , i finally decided just ask the receptionest this morning could she bring up me file and tell me if i have been added to the out patiants waiting list at geelong hospital , she said oh yes he did it last thursday all i can say the feeling that came over me was as the world had just been lifted off me shoulders :-), so i should be about a month after KenD has his first operation :-) im so excited me friends have asked me aint i worried but nope not at all maybe me tune will change as i get wheeled into the opp room , can anybody please tell me after having one side done then after the healing proccess has finished and then get the other side done um after each time how long does it take until you notice a diffrence , and in between surgerys was your symptoms cut in half pain wise ? like dizzyness is it as bad or is it still the same, and neck pain and also the swollowing, if that makes any sence , im sure KenD will be very interested to know as well , so now if we see anybody new that has been diagnosed :-( here in australia even in here in victoria we can let that person know hey we know a surgeon who can help and proform the operation and give that person all of Dr Roy Nicholsons details so they wont need to go through what we did go from dr to dr and getting nowhere , and because i really cant be bothered eating properly cos of the painful feeling to swollowing i buy bags and bags of mentos lollies :-) even just sucking on them like last night while working i started chocking and it happend again tonight , me throat for the past few days feels like a sharp pointing feeling from just under me chin downwards its so anoying and i keep trying to clear me throat but makes no diffrence me ears are getting worse and all i just wont to do is stay in bed but i still need to try and make me shifts at work so lucky tommorow ive got it off so i can try and take it easy

Congratulations Purple Girl! What a relief. Now you know help is on the way and can breathe a little easier. Wishing you the very best!

Hi Crowjo, thankyou but its KenD who deserves the congratulations and praise, i owe it all to him as we live 1 hours drive away from each other if it wasnt for him joining this wonderful group id be still out there searching for help :-( he really is me human guardian im just sooooo lucky we became friends on here , he was the one who had told me to go and see his gp in geelong , but still the hardest thing is yes we are both on the waiting list but still going through all these symptoms up until our first surgery and the 3 month gap for the next one , me work mates still cant believe ive made it this far without doing leave without pay , i do love me job they all know i struggle with every shift ive even been told i really must have a high tolarence for pain they couldnt keep going they would of given up work months ago ,im just soo lucky ive even still got a job after the amount of time ive had off

I have read acouple of books about human guardian Angeles and I’ve. met mine back in late may and that’s KenD :slight_smile: I remember thinking back in the middle of may there was no hope in finding help here in Australia

Good luck! Will keep you in my prayers! :)