At long last

I made a trip down to geelong today to try out kenD's dr , well i sat down he saked me how can he help me i said ive too have been diagnosed with eagles syndrome omg the look on his face it looked like he had just seen a ghost lol , he could see i was in alot of pain but not at a screamming stage thank god , so he has sent me to see an ent thats next monday , he asked lots of questions i told him everything what ive been through in the past 6 years i had alot of info written down just in case i had forgoten something he read eveything he told me to go back where i got me ct scan done as he looked at the sheets to have it put on a disc thats done ,wow i just couldnt get over finally after 6 years a dr is now willing to help he's told me what will happen next after he gets ent report back :-) so ill be driving back down to geelong next thursday , and now this dr has just not got 1 sufferer he now has 2 of us to try and help out

Dear purple girl, congratulations! Looks like you are finally going to get the help you need! I’m so excited for you! Please keep us informed on your progress with this new ENT doctor! I pray he will be your salvation! I hope he will be able to help you! Ill keep my fingers crossed for you!

Thank you crystal. Its all kenD and telling me to go and see his the drs I’ve seen here in Melbourne are bloody useless :frowning: at least this dr garnes is will to help us both :slight_smile: and that I’m very.greatfull for

That's great news! I really hope he can help you to get rid of that nasty bone :)