European surgeons for C1 TP shave

I feel this thread is long overdue for us europeans. This is a dumping ground for any surgeons in europe you’ve heard of that are willing to do this type of C1 surgery.

Apart from Dr Axon at Cambridge, UK, the only other surgeon I know of that does it for certain is Dr Timothy (neurosurgeon) based in Leeds, UK. Do share if you hear of anyone else! There absolutely must be at least a few others somewhere in the wilderness! :melting_face:


Thank you for this post, @jimjammer123, with all the back & forth between our members, it can be hard to keep track of which doctors do what. I’ll check to see if Dr. Timothy has been added to our Doctors List, & if not, will add him since he’s providing a valuable procedure that few doctors offer to do & because his name has come up w/ some frequency recently.


No problem at all and thanks. Yeah exactly, I just thought it would be easier to navigate for any current and future members :slight_smile:

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