Which surgeons around the world do C1 resections?

I know Higgins and Axon does, but curious to know which surgeons do this in the US and europe. Many thanks

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Mr Jake Timothy at Nuffield Leeds also does C1 resection privately. D

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There don’t seem to be many doctors doing this in the US- Dr. Peter Nakaji, Pheonix AZ (755 East McDowell Rd 602-521-3201) has been mentioned as doing the surgery.

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Thanks, I forgot to mention him. Do you have Samantha’s number as I got a number off JT’s website which had Samantha as the contact, but it seems to be putting me through to Amanda on the answer phone.

Would it be alright if I can pm you to ask a couple of questions relating to preparing for the consult?

I usually email Samantha, she is pretty responsive, unless she needs to discuss answer with Mr Timothy first.

Happy to answer questions to extent know the answers. D