Fast Decline

Hi there, I posted a few weeks ago with my dental pan x-rays wondering if it looked consistent with Eagle’s. Things have gotten much worse since then, I have an ENT appointment in a few days but over the last two weeks my heath has been rapidly declining. I am extremely dizzy and light headed all the time with brutal headaches, I feel like I am being choked constantly, the left side of my face is numb/tingling and I am having trouble eating and swallowing now. The swallowing problem is the most distressing. I feel like when I try to swallow, especially liquids that it is getting stuck in my upper chest and has no where to go. I always feel like I have something stuck in my throat and in my chest. I’m shocked at how bad things got so quickly. I’m nearly bed ridden and I am so scared that the ENT won’t take things seriously.

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Hi CatNinja -

So sorry to hear about the rapid increase of your symptoms. I just went back & looked at your scan. Your styloids both look long to me, & it also looks like you may have calcification on your s-h ligaments. We believe that the calcification that causes ES increases w/ time. It’s possible you’ve had a bit more growth or that your existing situation has shifted around a bit & is now pressing more firmly on nerves &/or vascular tissues in that area. Compression of the carotid arteries or jugular veins produce the symptoms you’re experiencing - dizziness, light-headedness & migraine level headaches. The choking, facial numbness/tingling & swallowing issues are most likely due to irritated cranial nerves - the vagus & trigeminal (& others) are frequently affected by ES.

It would be wise for you to contact the ENT office well before your appointment to make sure the doctor you’re seeing is familiar w/ ES. You will save yourself the frustration of a useless trip if he is not.

Duck8384 is from your state & is seeing an ENT who is familiar w/ ES at Duke Hospital next Wed. Here is the link to her post from today for your information: A couple of questions

I do agree with Isaiah that it might be an idea to ring ahead to save you a wasted trip.
It does happen with ES that there can be a worsening of symptoms for no apparent reason, you’re not alone there, but not much consolation for you when you feel so bad. I had pain, ear aches etc. for several years, it was bearable so I didn’t think about surgery, but then mine suddenly worsened with vascular symptoms starting & I felt pretty ill. The only thing I could think of was that I started a disc problem & maybe that shifted the styloids enough to compress the veins…I felt really off balance, head pressure, felt like I was falling etc. so I understand what you’re going through.
The choking sensation isn’t necessarily that the styloids are poking into your throat, but can be down to pressure on nerves in the area, which can then give that sensation.
Best wishes for your appt & thinking of you…let us know how you get on, big hugs…

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I didn’t get to call the ENT today but I am seeing them first thing Monday. I’m not holding out much hope that they will know about ES or take the suggestion seriously, but I am going to try to insist on getting the CT scans so I can show them to another doctor familiar with ES. If that fails I may try going to the ER or calling my neurologist and begging them to move my appointment up again, which they might do now that my symptoms have ramped up. It’s gettintg worse every day, I’m basically in bed or laying on the couch 24/7 I don’t think I can wait several months for appointments anymore. Thank you guys for the advice, I’ll let you know how Monday goes.

Sounds like a good plan, hope the appt. goes well…

Hi Catninja -

I’m hoping you’ll be surprised by a good response from the ENT appt on Mon. rather than discouraged. Looking forward to your news after the appt.