Finally diagnosed

I finally recieved Eagle's Syndrome diagnosis this week. It is interesting that th estyloids do not seem elonagted rather, the calcification of the ligament is starting at the hyoid bone. It looks like the ligament probably is shrinking as it calcifies, tugging on the styloid process. The styloid is not going is anchored..but the hyoid floats and consequently is being pulled upward into my tonsil. On CT the greater cornu can be seen in the tonsil. The ligament is partially calcified up toward the styloid process and forms a very sharp end midway up. This sharp end is pointed right at the carotid...makes me a little nervous! At one point, the ligament is lying right on the carotid. I am sure I have had vascular symptoms of and on. I plan to find a specialist who has done this surgery more than once..maybe LA, San Fransisco...or Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Hope all you are well...I keep checking in, listening. learning and praying for you all. God bless, Abigail

Hang in there Abigail! Now that you know what you are dealing with you are most of the way home. I had my surgery at Mayo clinic. I had a super rare complication in conjunciton with the eagles and they did a beautiful job. Now try and give yourself a few hours everyday were you don't think about it , were you do things that fill you up and make you happy ( mine is painting) so you can rest your mind and spirit and be ready for the next leg of the journey. Take Care of you! Abundant Blessings. Kim

Hi, wow you know yr stuff, wish I had my scans explained so well! I found a great surgeon if you fancy coming to London?! I had surgery 4 weeks ago but still not fabulous, I was told my hyoid was also elongated but don’t know what it means?
Wish you well, regards

That’s interesting I’m thinking of getting another catscan haven’t got one since the bone was in ,glad you got a good diagnoses

Hey...Thanks everybody...I feel relieved...we did find a little surprise with the CT scan. I have thyroid nodules...we just biopsied one that was suspicious but I have to have that done again since the results were non-diagnostic. Hoping it comes back benign with the next one. Takes forever...I have known about them since June 15th. I am going to begin looking for a neck surgeon but I need to get this thyroid issue resolved. Faith always helps. Keeping y'all in my prayers. PS. Sue...I am an RN..have been for 38 helps when it comes to challenging doc's and navagating the system and understanding lab results. I worry about people who have no medical experience...they get lost in the cracks and blown off. You have to do a lot of research for yourself and be persistent.

Could the calcification ruin a thyroid without causing it to grow a tumor ,I was sent to a cancer center in 2006 would they miss something like that does that show up On blood test ?just wonder because my catscans have always showed swelling in my lymph nodes but was always told not enough evidence to do a biopsy my next doctor I’m seeing is a specialist in what your talking about thyroid and base of skull surgerys my appointments a month out keep posting I need good questions I’m wondering if the bone could damage a thyroid that might Need removal without showing any signs on ct or blood test good luck

Hi, Deleone,

Calcification can occur in any soft tissue in the body. It caused usually by inflamation, sometimes by kidney or other metabolic alteration. Thyroid calcification can occur in benign or malignant leisions. Ultrasound is the best tool to evaluate thyroid structure as well as nearby lympnodes. My thyroid has calcifcation in a particular nodule. The nodule is also hypoehogenic which means it is lighter in appearance than surrounding tissue.These two sono characteristics lean toward malignancy thus a biopsy. Unfortunately, calcification can lead to non-diagnostic results. If I get another non-diagnostic result with the next biopsy, I will want an open biopsy to do a frozen section and remove the whole thyroid if it is malignant. If someone has neck lymphnodes that are enlarged and calcification in the thyroid..a biopsy may be indicated. Especialy if there is any family history of thyroid cancer. As to how calcification affects thyroid function, it depends on what is causing the calcification I would think...the cells are attempting to wall off that inflammation or malignant growth..tissue function could be affected by inflammation. Really check on line..there are a lot of research papers on this. If it were me...I would want a biopsy...get more than one opinion. Ask what evidence they are looking me calcification in the thyroid and lymph node swelling would be a concern. At the very least, you should be having serial sonograms to monitor your condition. One good thing...99% of thyroid cancer grows at a snails pace..sooooo slow : ) and if it does spead, responds well to treatment. Survival rates for non agressive cancers are like 70-90% after 20 years..they don't even look at five year survival rates...good news! I hope this helps.

It is interesting to hear a discussion on thyroid calcification. Thanks for sharing. A recent neck x-ray indicated that I have thyroid gland calcification, "ironically" on the same side as my neck/throat symptoms. The doctor didn't seem to think that the calcification had anything to do with my neck symptoms, since I have no tumor or enlargement of the gland, had a "normal" TSH about a year ago and do not have overt clinical symptoms of either hyper or hypothyroidism. My argument is that a normal thyroid gland should not be calcified, so it does indicate some degree of a pathologic process, whether it be benign or malignant. Like Abigail mentioned, soft tissue calcification usually reflects previous/ongoing inflammation to the tissue, trauma to the tissue, presence of a tumor, or metabolic alterations of calcium/phosphorus/vitamin D (though usually in this case, many soft tissues in the body can become mineralized). The thing to remember is often times endocrine problems can be insidious, especially diseases like Hashimoto's thyroiditis. For obvious reasons, thyroid problems can be associated with neck and throat symptoms, and it is one more thing for people on this site to consider. I swear, though, I think many physician have either forgotten basic pathology, or they just slept through their pathology classes.

Most of the information I have found on thryoid calcification is related to tumors...I can't seem to find much about calcification in the absence of goiter/tumor. But from now on, I will definitely get at least yearly thryroid panels done.

Good post, are right...Doc's seem to forget basics sometimes...I had a friend who had a thyroid nodule he was "watching". A couple of months had gone by...we knew she had a family history of thyroid cancer..we rold her to get back in there and tell that doctor she was concerned about this conservative approach and insisted on a biopsy. Well, it was malignant. She had her thyroid removed that week, finished her redioactive iodine treaments and has been fine. The standard of care would have been to so a biopsy right away...I don't get it. Thanks, Neckpop for sharing.

Hi abigail just wonder if you got your second biopsy please keep posting all the details thanks

hey neckpop so what are they planing to do for your calcified thyroid?

Nothing yet, but thanks for asking. The reaction I have gotten is that since I don't have a tumor or enlargement of my thyroid, and I don't have the presentation of either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, the calcification in the gland is probably not clinically significant. I will be going to see my regular doctor (internist) in about a month for my yearly physical exam anyway. I will tell her about it, get her opinion and request bloodwork including a thyroid panel.

By the way, I did finally have an MRI w/o contrast done about a month ago, and once again, they said there was "nothing" there. Since I am back to where I was 2 years ago, to be honest, I have kind of given up again on this neck thing for a while. I have gone to a chiropractor for a few neck adjustments, and have made some adjustments to my desk set up at work hoping maybe it will help in the long run...time will tell I guess.