General anesthesia

I know, as all of you know, that tonsillectomy has been cited as a “cause” of ES. Though I have ES symptoms, I never had a tonsillectomy. We so often wonder about how ES originates and so I thought I’d add my $0.02. Since I gave birth to my son more than 4 years ago, I’ve had 4 surgeries to deal with postpartum complications. All 4 surgeries required general anesthesia, and all of them required intubation. Here are instances of NOT tonsillectomies, but “trauma” to the throat. This is just another data point …

Who knows. Some people have es all their lives and don’t notice it until something irritates the area or causes some anatomical changes.
Your complications may have changed the way you hold your head up and moved an asymptomatic structure to a symptomatic area.
Necks are weird.
My doc thinks I got mine from falling down and busting my face while walking the dog. Some people are born with it, and a lot of stories on here seem to involve neck injuries.