In doing some research I found an article that suggests the tighting of the oral mucosa that occurs after a tonsillectomy can induce symptoms. I had a tonsillectomy 6 moths prior to my symptoms starting. Just wondering how many of you in fact had tonsillectomies before having symptoms.

Hi Jamie,

I didn't have a tonsillectomy. I had a car accident before my eagle syndrome kicked in, so I'm wondering if that is related. I am afraid to let them remove my wisdom teeth for fear that it'll aggravate the surgical sites.

Hi Jamie, I had symptoms prior but I thought it was my enlarged tonsil or an enlarge lymph node giving me issues. Only after I had my tonsils out, did I come to realize it was not my tonsils. It was about 1.5 years after tonsillectomy, but I had a baby in between that time, and I think because of pregnancy my muscles were lose.

My symptoms started 3 months ago after a back to back bout with tonsilitis. No tonsilectomy, just tonsil trauma, but then I got bells palsy and I think the pressure on the facial nerves aggravated the eagle’s. Now I have throat and ear pain every day and a crunching noise when I swallow saliva. This is horrible. I am going to Shands in Gainsville for a consult soon. I hope someone can help me there. Good luck to you!