German Dr Heim formerly working in University Hospital Bonn is now medical consultant in Cologne

Hi friends,

Dr Heim formerly practicing in Bonn, Germany published his new web page today:

Translated in English:

Looks like he does consulting for rare diseases in the orofacial region now. Seems that he doesn’t do ES surgeries any more. I have no idea who he would suggest as surgeon now…

@admins: It would be good to add this to the foreign doctors information page.

Thanks for that info @TheDude ; I did read the translated version, it does mention ES, so might still be worth members contacting him? I’m guessing he has gone to private practice now, is that right?
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I’ve altered the info in the Doctors list…

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I don’t know what to think of it either.
To me it looks more like an offer for self-payers and not as if German health insurance companies would pay for it.
The financial aspect really seems to come to the fore.
I think it’s not good if the disease is used by others as a business model.
Other doctors within the regular healthcare system should also be able to provide the information.

So I would first contact the other ES specialist doctors mentioned on our forum where health care insurance covers the costs.