Great Doctor Visit!

This past week I traveled from the Chicago area to Columbus Ohio for an appointment with Dr. Arick Forrest. I took my CT scan, my list of symptoms, my best friend and a lot of hopes and prayers. I want to tell you it was a relief to see a doctor that understands Eagle Syndrome!

Dr. Forrest took the time to explain Eagle Syndrome to my friend, discuss what he saw in my CT scan, do a swallow test right there in his office with another specialist assisting, and lay out my options in an easily understandable way. I was able to ask all the questions I had and weigh my options. In the end, I have decided to have surgery later in October and left his office feeling better than I have since getting my diagnosis.

For all of you looking for a doctor, if Columbus, Ohio is an option for you, I can't recommend him enough. He told me he is seeing more and more people with Eagle Syndrome, so I guess the word must be getting out that he is knowledgeable. He was so incredibly patient and kind...

If it weren't for this forum, and one member in particular who took the time to time to correspond with me, I would still be muddling through all of this. I can't thank all of you enough...and a big shout out to AMY for all her help and support.

I will let you know how the surgery goes, but I am extremely optimistic.


That's great news. It's nice to know that there is a good option in the middle of the country. Keep us posted on your surgery - best of luck to you!

So happy for you! It's good to know more of us are getting diagnosed a little easier as we come out of the woodwork!