Had surgery on the left in 2012, now 3 years later the right side is hurting

I had unilateral eagles syndrome on my left side. The right side was fine in 2012, now three years later, I'm having pain on the right side. Has anyone here had a unilateral styloid ligament removed, only to have it re-emerge on the other side years later?

I'm sorry you're heading into round 2. That must be frustrating!

When you say that you had unilateral ES- was only one side elongated, or do you mean you only had one side symptomatic? It does seem to be quite common to have elongated styloids both sides, but only one side giving symptoms...then later the second side gets symptomatic. I've had surgery one side, but am starting to get symptoms the second side.

I only had the left side elongated initially. The right side was not elongated but was being pulled and stretched by the tightened left side. They removed the left side in 2012, leaving the right side inflamed and stretched to retract afterwards pulling my hyoid bone to the right. Now I'm having the muscle pain and complication on the right side.

Poor you.... hope that you can get this sorted soon. Who did your surgery before?