Heat from the Sun

Hello Everyone, I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions. When I’m driving my car and the sunroof is open when the sun is beating down. That warmth feels so wonderful on my ear/side of head nd neck. However, I cannot recreate this at home with a heated rice pack or warm wash cloth. Wonderful sunny days are rare everyday in the Chicago land area and I can’t just keep driving. Anyone else find some relief in other ways besides meds? Any thoughts how I can recreate that type of direct warmth? Thanks everyone!!

This is not energy efficient, but an incandescent light bulb creates a fair amount of heat & wouldn’t burn you like a sun lamp type bulb (which I think is ultraviolet). If you had a reading lamp you could put an incandescent bulb in & let it shine on your head/neck, it might feel similar to the sun. Not sure if you can still buy incandescent bulbs, but it would be worth a try.

I spent 2 years before surgery having a hot water bottle on my face and neck every night, which really helped me, it’s strange that a heated rice pack doesn’t help you! But that was only the worst side of my neck, the heat made the nerve pain on other side more painful when I tried it on that side ! Weird!

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Hmmm, definitely interesting! I went out and bought a regular heating pad that had a removable piece of foam that you could dampen for moist heat. I really liked that! Besides helping the fullness in my ear, it also helped the pressure in my neck.
I may ask my husband to move the spider leg lamp over and point the one arm down that does still have an ol fashioned light bulb in it, thanks for the idea Wendy. I can lay differently then if that works!

I hope it helps!


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Great idea but it doesn’t give off enough heat unless I put me ear right up close to the bulb. The heating pad helps more than the beans. I just wish it got hotter than it does. :smirk:

Thanks for the update. I guess the higher the wattage the warmer the light. Glad the heating pad is at least somewhat helpful. I found that moist heat helped me. I had a gel pack that could be heated or frozen. I would heat it up nice & toasty & put a wet washcloth over it & lay it on my neck. It felt wonderful. It would stay warm for 15-20 minutes.

Yes, and as you said, it’s hard to find those archaic bulbs, lol. I may try your gel pack idea! Moist heat does help some!

Yes the warmth definitely helps.

I’m from the Chicagoland area too!

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Unfortunately you can’t get a good heating pad anymore :disappointed: They’re kinda lame in the heating aspect.