Here we go!

This JUST came in! I’m so excited…and SO nervous/scared!

Praying this is the source of my pain so as not to go through this again for nothing. I’ve seen all the specialists, had the images, talked to everyone I can and it all seems to point to ES. So I should feel confident, right? *insert positive self talk here

I had an unrelated visit with my PCP last week and before we addressed why I was there, we spent a great deal of time talking about my diagnosis. She’s been on this ride with me since it began and she’s so happy I’ve found a path. I was rather surprised that as a younger physician, she’s even had a patient with ES. I’m so lucky to have her on my team!

Well…I’ll update early January!
Best to all and prayers for a peaceful (pain-free) Christmas and New Year :purple_heart:


Not long to go then! I think all of us who’ve had surgery have had doubts at some point about the surgery, but when you’re in pain &/or have scary vascular symptoms it makes it easier to make the decision, you really don’t have a lot of choice. If you get the chance to hopefully be rid of those spikes & those symptoms then grab it! Keep reading the positive posts on here and the post-op stories, get yourself as prepared as you can be…know we’ll be praying for you too!
Let us know when you get a definite date :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs: :pray:


So encouraging! I’m happy for you.



Hope you get scheduled soon! It’s totally normal to start doubting your choice. I did, but I’m glad I did it. Anxiety before surgery is uncomfortable but normal. Hang in there!


Tjmhawk01 -

It’s your best Merry Christmas/Happy New Year present!! I’m very excited for you, too! So great that you’ve been contacted! I also hope you get a date in early 2022 so you can start healing & put this all behind you! I’m confident surgery will help you feel better.

I’m praying for you & hope you feel good over the holidays so you can enjoy them with your family.

:hugs: :heart:

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