Tonsillectomy/styloidectomy with also sinus surgery

I’m having surgery for my Eagles in less than a week. I was only recently diagnosed in September by a surgeon who I was referred to after getting a neck CT scan. Tho I believe I have had this for a few years at least, my most bothersome symptoms started this past spring. I was from there referred to an ENT who said I would need surgery but there was no hurry, it depended on how well i could tolerate the pain and such. I questioned whether a pressure in my left temple area would be bein caused by my Eagles as most of my pain and pressure from it was also on the left side. He said no and ordered a head CT scan. It showed inflammation in my sinuses. He prescribed an antibiotic which did not help, at my follow up for that he used a scope to look up into my sinuses and said they are full of fluid and one side is so inflamed it’s partially blocked. So upon needing surgery to clear and widen my sinuses, and already wanting to go ahead with the surgery for Eagles, it’s all being done at once. This is good and bad I guess. Good it’s allgoing to be done in one shot, but I’m worried about the pain and discomfort of the recovery process. Has anyone had these procedures done together like this? Or even if you only had the Eagles (internal) surgery, how was the recovery, what sort of things can I expect, what liquids or soft foods are good for after surgery? Thanks in advance to any answers :slight_smile:

Good luck on your surgery and good that you found a surgeon! I didn’t have both but had intra oral about a month ago on the left side. About 2 weeks is the pain duration that does get better each day. (Days 2-4 were the worst - warm liquid in the morning was a life saver). Make sure you get enough pain meds to last about that long. Ice chips for the first week were my best friends. Broth, jello, yogurt, pudding, water, & anything liquid were my diet for the first week. On week 2 I began taking Advil for the inflammation and it did wonders! I then moved on to mashed potatoes, and softer foods. Don’t rush it, you will know. Also, keep an ice pack handy for your jaw/neck on the outside as well for the first few weeks. Take it slow! Don’t over do it with talking, coughing, moving around, straining or anything or you will regret it. Be sure to sleep sitting up as much as you can (recliner with pillows worked great) - it really helped. You will be surprised how fast the wound in your mouth/throat heals. Everyone’s different but this was my healing process. Good luck and I hope this brings you much needed relief! Try to keep us posted :wink:

Sorry to hear you are having the sinus surgery at the same time.... Is just one side being done at a time? that is a lot to recover from.

I had sinus problems, but did not have that surgery; mine cleared up after the Eagles/tonsillectomies. I believe that the lymph glands were not draining properly and everything was plugged up - just needed to take the plug out and not have rotor rooter come in.

However, that was just me - Your condition is yours and I do not want to give you negative advice.

Good luck and heal smoothly.

Good info Heather B. That is how mine was dealt with.

I have some Jello, Popsicles, puddings, Gatorade and some plain ice cream (no chunks of anything), broth, hot tea… so sounds like I’ve got a good start with things. I’ve also ordered me a big U shaped body pillow to help prop me up and hopefully help me be more comfortable.

I’ve got pressure on both sides of my neck, but most of my issues are on the left side. Also he said the CT scan only showed an elongated styloid on the left, but he is going to make sure while he’s in there that the right side is not also elongated. I had asked him if the Eagles was the cause of the pressure and sinus issues cause I’d assumed it was, he didn’t seem to think so. I’m not real sure he’s right, but I have had sinus issues and allergies most of my life, so either way I don’t think the sinus surgery is a bad idea.

Good info from him. Will you have sinus rinses? For the phlegm; I used warm salt water to gargle. Helps clear out the phlegm and helps to heal the surgical sites.

I wish I had some information for you but I am sort of in the same boat too. I have issues on my right side and may have to have my tonsils removed along with the ES surgery. I still have more appointments to discuss this with my physician's. I can only offer moral support. I hope everything goes well for you. I wish you much success. Please keep us updated on your progress. Take care!!!

Not sure about the sinus rinses, I’m sure they will let me know either before or after surgery what I’ll need to do post surgery. I’ve seen videos on YouTube from people after surgery and several had some sort of rinse or saline spray so I expect I’ll have something like that.

Thank you ladies, any advice or suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

Good luck.