How long did you need care after surgery?

Well, surgery is three months off. In some ways a lifetime, but in some ways close enough that I’m starting to make plans. And starting to get scared!

I’m single and my 99 year old father lives with me. Which will make post surgery care difficult. I’m hoping to send Dad to live with one of my siblings for at least a week. I just can’t see trying to recover with him around. But, that being said, how long – if at all – will I need someone to take care of ME? My brother is an MD, and he is off work the day of my surgery. So he will take me and be there. But then he has to work the next five days. Did you all need someone around post-surgery to help you? For how long? I realize everybody is different. But just trying to get an idea. I HATE having to ask people to take care of me!

Also, those who had surgery with Hepworth – did you spend the night in the hospital? Or were you sent home same day?

Following all of your stories. So happy for all of the successful surgeries!

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Hi Bopper,

The hardest part of post op is being groggy from pain meds (& the first 2-3 days post op from surgical anesthesia mental haze). Speaking for myself, I probably could have done my self care post op, but it was really nice to have an arm to hang onto when I needed to walk to the bathroom; someone to get ice packs for me when I needed to ice & help remind me it was time for a dose of pain med (even though I set the alarm on my phone for every 4 hrs). It was also awesome to have someone take care of making food (first surgery it was smoothies, second surgery I could eat normally). I know other members have traveled alone to surgeons out of area & have stayed in hotels or Air BnBs & taken care of themselves. It’s just more convenient to have help & have someone near in the event of the rare chance of a complication or drug reaction in the first few days after surgery.

As far as taking care of your dad goes, you would be wise to have one of your siblings take him or come stay w/ you for the first week to care for him in your home, so your focus can be on you. As you’ve said, it will be difficult for you to take care of both of you right after you’ve had ES surgery.


Hopefully those with surgery experience with Dr Hepworth will comment, as you say everyone’s experience is different & they’re more likely to have a similar one to you…I did have hubby around but I would’ve been fine to look after myself straight afterwards. Definitely a good idea to get your Dad cared for though…


I needed someone for a couple days because I was a little dizzy. I did spend one night in the hospital due to my five hour drive home. I didn’t take any of the opiates they prescribed me because I had little to no pain. I took Motrin for swelling. That’s my experience. Good luck to you!