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I have external surgery planned for April 20. What can I expect post-op? How long should I plan to take off work? How about travel for work? Any suggestions for what to have at home? My doctor is suggesting I stay overnight. Is this a good idea? I live alone with my 16 year old daughter.

Hi MelinG!
Good that you have a surgery date to look forward to!
There are lots of stories about what to expect after surgery; if you search for that you’ll get lots of info!
Not all doctors suggest staying in overnight, but if yours does then it’s not a bad idea; they can support you with pain meds, & also help with swelling if a drain’s used? If you can get
Personally I’d suggest at least 2 weeks off work, depending what you do? If it’s anything manual, lifting etc then longer. I found driving really uncomfortable for 3 weeks with my first surgery, as turning my head was difficult, but was easier with the 2nd, & not everyone experiences this, but something to bear in mind.
You’ll need to have ice packs for your neck to reduce swelling, & also should try to sleep semi-upright for a couple of weeks, so it’s a good idea to get a wedge pillow & maybe a V-shaped one (I found that useful). You may well find chewing/ opening your mouth wide uncomfortable for a bit, so getting in soft foods, ingredients for smoothies etc is a good idea. One of our members did a ‘surgery shopping list’ , here’s a link:
Surgery shopping list - General - Living with Eagle
Some pain meds can also cause constipation so a laxative mightn’t be a bad idea :wink:
I hope that your daughter’s helpful, as you’ll need to take it easy for a bit!
If you’ve had an anesthetic before & had any reactions to that, make sure you mention it. You might find you feel really good initially from the anesthetic, but then can swelling can make you feel worse, so be prepared for ups & downs! Don’t expect instant results from surgery- often the nerves can take a while to heal, so sometimes it can be a couple of months before you feel the difference.
Hope this helps, & hope that your surgery goes well!

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Hi MelinG,

EXCITING that you’re scheduled for surgery! That’s a giant step toward ES recovery. I will put your surgery date on my calendar & pray for a textbook surgery & quick healing.

I think you told us who’s doing your surgery, but do you mind repeating the information?

This will be a good chance for your daughter to help take care of you. It’ll give her a snapshot of motherhood. :wink: :hugs:

Dr. Bunnell at UF Health oral and maxillofacial surgery department. Jacksonville Florida.

Hi there! I have been working remotely since last April, and have had both external surgeries (separately). Both times I took 4 weeks off and stayed in the hospital overnight. If they don’t give you an ice pack in recovery, having one is huge. Also scheduling otc meds at the very least will help stay on top of the pain.
You’ll probably want softer foods for the first week or so post op. Things like jello, pudding, popsicles, hot cereals, and soup are all good to have. Other than that, Jules and Isaiah have both given good suggestions. Good luck!