Hydrocortisone injection in the throat?

Has anybody had a steroid injection in their throat or heard of this being done?

I’m asking as I am currently clueless as to what is going on in my throat but I know there is an overall tightness and swelling of the throat area, along with clicking in the throat and an inability of the throat cartilage to move freely when swallowing. As of yet no doctor has been able to work out what is going on. It feels to me that if all of the swelling reduced in the throat then possibly the cartilage etc may be able to get back into their normal positions allowing me to swallow properly, stop the clicking and allow things to settle down.

This is a bit of a stab in the dark but does anybody have any knowledge/experience of such injections being used?

Steroid/ lignocaine injections can be done for ES into the tonsillar area, it doesn’t always work but some members have found it helped. It might be worth a try for you, regardless of whether you have ES or not …

Hi Callmestar1,

The fact that you have clicking when swallowing is a very distinct clue that you may have a calcified stylohyoid ligament or maybe two. When the stylohyoid ligament(s) are calcified, they tether the hyoid bone so it can’t move normally when you swallow, talk, breathe, etc. The click occurs as the hyoid bone tries to move but can’t. Because the hyoid bone can’t move normally, muscles & tendons/ligaments that normally play minor roles when you swallow are recruited in a bigger way to help w/ swallowing, etc., & thus cause neck & throat tightness. If you can get a 3D image of your CT scan & post it here, we can give you an non-medical opinion about the s-h ligament & your styloids. If you need instructions on how to do that, send me a private email, & I’ll help you.

There have been a number of forum members who’ve had steroid/lidocaine injections in their necks both to diagnose ES & to help reduce pain. These injections are usually ultrasound guided. In some cases the injections give relief for several weeks & in others it’s just for a few hours. Everyone is different.

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Thanks, this definitely sounds like an option worth looking into. I will ask my consultant about it at the next appointment.

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