Hyoid calcified to styloid bone

Hi everyone, after suffering with ear neck pain right down to breast one arm frozen shoulder also, most calmed down but still in pain, xray shown my elongated styloid bone calcified and connecting to hyoid, waiting on surgery to remove calcification,had chat with my surgeon and ended up talking about vit d, i told him i was waiting on tests my gp ordered as been having bit bone pain also in arms and knees, anyway its low ! wondering if its all connected,strange having problems with all kinds of bones.

Hi Ann,

I am living with " Eagles" for the past 8 months. Surgery was recommended but at that time choose not to do it. The video scared me. However, I am reconsidering it since I can't image living with this pain forever maybe surgery will work. I too have low vitamin D level and I live in sunny Fl. I've stopped taking a multi- vitamin. Instead I decided to take vitamins that help with inflammation. I felt a better in 60 days so I am coping with this pain better too. Here's what I take, B12, cranberry vitamin with c in am , vitamin d, calcium and magnesium at noon, and I drink Cherry tart juice 2 hrs prior to bed. It's important to do simple neck exercises x2 a day. Hope you find this helpful. I'm looking into meeting my ENT surgeon soon to discuss surgery. Feel better :)

Hi, Annb!

Sorry to hear of your pain. Can sure understand the misery. I was vitamin D deficient for years and did not know it. After a year on Boniva for osteoporosis.. Started at age 53.) the doctor decided to check my levels. Seems he should have checked it when he started treatment for the bone loss. I was at 19 and should have been at least at 40...with bone loss treatment I should have ideally been at 70. Vitamin D deficiency affects so many aspects of your health. I was sick all the time...colds, flu...literally every 2-3 weeks for a two year period.When he told me I was deficient he gave me a 50,000 unit capsule to take weekly. Well, that did not work. When he checked the D 6 weeks later I had barely moved up a point or two. I found Mayo clinic on line. They had a great replacment regieme that I followed with a few changes. I quit the 50,000 unit pill and bought simple 250 mg white tablets, crushed them it a pestle, mixed the powder with some butter( the fat helps it absorb) and spread on my toast. Could not taste it at all. I took 7000 units a day for 6 weeks. Had the doc repeat the levels. They had come up significantly. I did another round of 6 weeks until I got to 45. I continued on 6 weeks rounds until I hit 60. It took almost a year to get to those levels. Now I take much less..and I just get my levels checked every 4-6 months..I actually was able to reduce my dose. I stopped getting sick. Just check out Mayo clinic vitamin D defiency replacement. I think you are right. I think vitamin d this influences bone structure,bone remodeling and bone loss. However, I think the stylohyoid structure is just plain inclined to calcification. It just becomes a problem for us few that get into serious pain with it. Hey, keep me posted. : )

Thanks for your replys, i also think i need to take more magnesium to get calcium levels down ! calcium is abundant in our diets and calcium supplements are not needed, but i am sure i have osteomalcia due to lack of vit d, so calcium not getting utilized properly, i will keep updates on what happens next, hope your all not in much pain xx

Everyone with chronic pain should read up on adrenal fatigue. Constant pain wears on the adrenals. It answers a lot of questions about strange pains all over the body.

I had Eagle's and I had the surgery it worked. I would recommend it. Surgery is the only treatment option anyways.

Thanks for your replies, i go back to my doc in Dec, pain at the moment has calmed down, but i had full cat scan with contrast, so will see what happens next. while i am not in so much pain i am not in much hurry for op. i have heard of some horror storys of being made worse. x