I in San Jose

Surgery on Monday Dr. Samji can’t wait will send pictures and my status on Monday afternoon much love and alohaaaaaa buzz eagle wish me luck alohaaaaaa

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Hope all goes well- lots of info about what to expect post-surgery on here if you need it, might need to stock up on soft food/ smoothies etc., extra pillows & ice packs!
God Bless, Jules

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Thanks Jules I’ll let you know buzzzzzzy it’s got to be better than this lifestyle right know so blessings and much love and aloha buzzzzzzy

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nice clean incision small and clean great job Dr. Samji blessings your the greatest blessings alohaaaaaa lancerittenhouse blessings amen alohaaaaaa buzzzzzzy

Glad it’s done, does look nice & neat. Take care & don’t overdo things, get plenty of rest or you could set healing back! How are you feeling?
Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

I feel amazing the other side is of course sore and will be gone in a few months and I’ll be free from neck prison it’s about time way to long to suffer almost five years with these spikes growing in my neck so amen and i promise I’ll take it easy 4to6 weeks and then say goodbye to the other side so I’ll keep eagle org posted every couple days till I’m better Aloha to all of you for prayers and love and blessings Alohaaaaaa buzzzzzzy eagles;))))))))

Hey! It was so good seeing you yesterday! I hope you get home safely (praying for that!). I’m pasting part of a paragraph that Snapple2020 wrote today that shows locked up muscles & the therapy Dr. Samji is trying on you can help. She’s had a problem more w/ her jaw but her case is similar to yours.

I’m hoping you don’t have to come back but if you do, you know I’m here for you.


“I have been getting massage including cranial-sacral work to help release some of thsi neck and jaw tension. My massage person has been pretty conservative and only this past week (week 7 post op) has she started digging into the scar tissue area and working more aggressively around the ear and skull above the ear (Temple area). I actually noticed a little bit of relief this past week.
I went Monday to my neurologist and got a variety of injections. The temple area (temporalis muscle) was locked up tight like a drum. I got botox in that area on both sides to try and get this to relax. I then got a combo of steroids and bupvicane in jaw area. Doc mentioned a muscle behind the TMJ joint was super tight and gave me extra steroids to calm it down. I’m still pretty sore from having needles stuck in there but he said I should get relief within 3 days. I will say I noticed within an hour, the jaw relax and the pain subside when opening the mouth, but it returned after the bupvicane wore off so it was short-lived. It was sure nice while it lasted!”