I need to visit the dentist and I am questioning if I should be put to sleep so I won't trigger pain in the area. Does anyone have Any experience with going to the dentist I need a cap on my tooth

Ii need to go to the dentist to have a cap put on a tooth on my eagle syndrome side. My pain originally stRted at the dentist from what I believe was damage to my trigeminal nerve by the steplike bone and injection by dentist. Has anyone had any experience at the dentist that can give me some suggestion to avoid pain?

If you have trigeminal nerve pain, have you considered joining the Ben’s Friends Facial Pain support group? They have some really good advice and interesting discussions, so you might get some useful tips from there. (You can always look around the site and read the discussions without signing up if you want to) A lot of their members have had problems with dentists, so it’s a common discussion. There’s also some useful info about pain medications- I think you can get things like lidocaine gel which might help, but obviously you’ll need to run that by your dentist as well. Here’s the link:

I have avoided as much as possible with the dentists as I have the same nerve pain as you have- even a simple clean can set it off badly. I’m going to try upping my pain medication the day before to see if that will help.

How’re you getting on- have you had the dental treatment?

Thank you for checking up on me. My pain flared up to an extreme pain level and the most disappointing thing that happened is the dentist staff did not want to help me. It was a big lesson learned that I can only count on myself. I need to go in Monday to have the perment tooth put in and I hope that this will be worth all I have gone through. I would suggest for anyone that is going to have dental work to have a plan in place if break out pain starts. My dentist staff stated they never witness anyone in that much pain and it makes me wonder why they said they have treated many people with trigeminal neuralgia and facial pain. If they did treat people before they should have taken more precautions for example they should have me come In to look at my gums the next day and they would have seen extra cement which caused heightened pain in my mouth.

Sorry that your pain has been made worse- you would think that dentists would be more aware- you’d obviously tried to check that out beforehand. I hope that Monday goes better.

Hey Ann, sorry you went through that! Unfortunately the world’s drug problem has put people in pain at risk. I think it’s likely that the dentist office staff are more concerned about giving out narcotics, then helping a patient. Many physicians and dentists have been duped. It’s unfortunate you were hurt by it. I am praying for you. It will get better.