Internal styloidectomy

I had an internal Styloidectomy on June 13th 2014. It has been 6 weeks since my surgery when the doctor remove 4 cm from my left side. It took a while for me to be able to open my mouth again but now 6 weeks later I can almost open it 1 whole inch. My question is has anyone else had the same issue with the mouth limitations? I also have a tingling in my tongue and my gums (on the left) are very tender too.I still have swelling in my cheek and neck & minimal pain. For the most part I am very grateful to my doctor, he was a wonderful man & the surgery was a Great success!
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So have your Eagle's symptoms gone away?

For the most part I can turn my head and experience no pain. But since I can only open my mouth an inch I haven’t got to see if that pain is still specifically from yawning. The whole area is still tender.I feel more “normal” everyday but my main question was for people who have had the internal Styloidectomy did it take a while for your mouth to be able to open again?

I did have a short issue with that, but I was in a lot of pain for a long time after my surgery. I was able to eat though after about 3 weeks. It took 11 weeks for me to start to feel well and at least 3 months overall. I am 1.5 years out from my surgery and I still have ear pain from time to time and a sticking feeling in my throat. I have other issues, so not sure yet if it is Eagles or something else. I did have intraoral surgery. I am considering the possibility of contacting another surgeon in the future, but I am trying to rule out other issues that may be causing my pain because I was getting better until I needed to use a walker for 6 weeks.

I’m so sorry that you are experiencing other symptoms Emma :frowning: 2nd opinions never hurt anything. I seen 4 “Specialists” & 2 Oral Surgeons before I got my answers! I hope that you can get your answers soon!