Is that the calcified ligamentum stylohyoid which I feel?

Hi all

Today i palpated my tonsil aera ( i had Tonsillectomy six monts ago) and felt on my left side which i have problems a round bone that goes through to under my tongue.
On the right side if feels a bit softer but on left it’s hard.
According to the X-Ray I have ossification up to 9 cm.

I am surprised that it is surrounded with only a little tissue!
Is that normal case after the Tonsillectomy?
Is that the calcified ligamentum stylohyoid?

Yes it is and go see a specialist with ES. Rarely after a tonsillectomy you can get calcification and it might be Eagles syndrome. Make sure that doc has done this surgery. Don't tell them what u think it is....tell them your symptoms and follow up with MRI Panoramics and CT scans. The longer you wait the more symptomatic you will be.

Hi dnurse

It is getting worse as you say. The ENT doc who did the tonsillectomy means my problems are psychosomatic although I showed him my ossified ligamentum on the simple X-Ray(also the Finding/writing from the radiologist)
The ENT who diagnosed Eagle Syndrome would wait with a surgery because he said many People have ossified ligamentum but only a few have problems.

What make me crazy is dizziness and ear/temple pressure. I think I have the vascular type.

I don’t know how to be patient and wait.