Jaw twitching

Have you ever feel like your jaw twitch,my jaw is been twitching,not sure if is from my mascules (mascules spasms, maybe from anxiety. Every time it twitch it makes my TMJ hurt more.

I sometimes get an electrical buzz feeling in my jaw, like it FEELS like the wires of powerline SOUND (the high frequency buzzing you hear if you stand near them). It feels like my jaw could start chattering very fast, like what happens when you are cold. It's a high frequency electrical buzz feeling in my jaw, sometimes including my arms and hands. I think this is mostly a thoracic outlet issue, though, because it does improve when I'm looser in the neck/chest muscles, and worse after an upper body workout. It is always more pronounced when lying on my back (I think something about pressure on the back of my neck exacerbates it). Or it could be ES.

I'm not sure you mean the same thing, though...twitch sounds more like you mean an actual 'jumpy' movement in your jaw, once in a while? I haven't had that.

Sorry to hear you having the electrical fuzz feeling ((hugs)).
Yes my feeling is like a jumpy movement, I have it like all day but not all the time either.I’m thinking is maybe the mascules spams making my jaw twitch or maybe the styloids are touching a nerve that makes me jaw twitch :/…hope after surgery everything goes a way,thinking positive.
Are you getting surgery any time soon?