Chattering teeth

Did anyone have chattering teeth prior to Eagles surgery that went away after surgery.

I had this prior to surgery got a bite guard and now 8 months after surgery it is worse. Everything I read says neurological or anxiety, but my ear pain has not gone away. The teeth chattering is getting bad and all day and night. Could also be hyperthyroidism, since cancer my doctor keeps me hyper with meds to prevent recurrence. It just started getting bad recently.

I guess, I will be back to Endo, ENT, TMJ specialist with each pointing the other way. When will it end, never I guess. Hmmm, tired of this, need to relax.

Hi I just posted about this too. I was just diagnosed this week but I remember the first time I was having a ton of jaw pain and my dentist tried to have me hold a pencil between my teeth to relieve the pain and my teeth were really chattering. I’m having that again and it’s very upsetting. Does your come and go?

I had a ball of tension pre surgery on my left side that felt like I could never rest my jaw and I would shove a pen back there to relief the sensation of not being able to rest my jaw. It never really worked and it was never recommended I did that, but when your in massive amounts of pain you will do whatever you think might help relieve it, whether it looks crazy or not.

I found out the problem. After removing the "pencil" in my jaw, called a styloid, my bite changed. I needed an adjustment to my bite guard. Now better.