Mammography went well :) but no definitiv answer about the nodule in my soft palate from ENT :(

Mammography went well. Had 2 lumps in the breast. The doctor did mammography, ultrasound and then a biopsy with a long needle ... Get the biopsy result after only 1 hour: no cancer, nothing! . I feel a great relief! Thank god!

I also visited the hospital ENT who felt the lump in my soft palate. The size of a pea. He says it is 98% chance it is not dangerous, and he did not want to remove the bump or do a biopsy (yet?). It sits too deep in the tissue .. He says that we are waiting on the CT images next Wednesday, then we'll talk about Eagle and that lump. Hope it's not anything dangerous :: ( Now I am more afraid about the nodule/lump than ES :(
Wish me luck please!