Styloiods gotten Bigger with Tumor

It has been a while since I have posted I was diagnosed with eagles 4 years ago. It has been crazy. I have gotten more crazy symptoms.
I will fast forward to the latest. My neck has been swellen visibly I went to family Dr who said yes woow neck is swellen. He did ultrasound and a 0.2 cm tumor was found but Dr signed off on it. I went to get my teeth cleaned and he said wow your sublingual gland is swellen and I feel something. He actually knows about Eagles said it not that. Sent me to oral surgeon. They did panoramic x Ray that Dr says holy mosses you have Eagles they are very huge and he asked me you haven’t taken care of them yet you known about this like it so easy.
He said there is Drs. Where I live that take them out. Until now I had a Dr in NC. But live in MI.
He did say I do have tumor that had nothing to do with the Eagles. He don’t deal with this kind of tumor so he sending me back to the ENT.
The only ENT where I live was rude and belittle me 4 years ago when I got dignose. So I found another Dr in this same office that deals with head neck mouth. With any luck maybe she know about Eagles and when they take this tumor out they take these things out of my neck as well.
From what I was told people that have cancer on neck and have these eagles that don’t even know the Drs will take them out the same time. My apt is March 28. Prayers and thoughts.

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That appointment is only a week and a half away - thank the Lord! I love the thought of it all coming out at once! Praying you find the right surgeon!!!

Sorry to hear that they have found a tumour too; I hope that it can be dealt with quickly as well as the ES. Is the tumour in the salivary gland, or somewhere else?
Of course I’ll pray for you & for the right doctor to treat you…big hugs

I feel very strongly that this tumor is blessing in one way to get to a right Dr to get these Eagles out. For some reason I am not worried I am unusually very calm.about all this. I believe all things happen for reason. Maybe I am to optimistic about the whole thing. It could be I truely have had enough of this Eagles battle too all ready so I am ready and not worried. Sometimes I wonder what wrong with me I never been so calm about anything lol!!

I’m so glad you’re feeling peace surrounding your tumor diagnosis, ES, & doctor’s appointment, Gods_blessing! That is the peace that passes understanding that the world cannot give. Cling to your faith & our heavenly Father through this. I’'ll be praying His peace will continue to surround you like a warm blanket! You are safely in His care. I had that peace myself as I faced & went through my ES surgeries. It made the whole process so much easier.

If for some reason the doctor you see on 3/28 can’t do the surgery you need, ask her if she knows of a skull-based surgeon in your area. That person would likely be able to help you.

I’ll also be praying for a local doctor to be able to do your surgery & take care of everything at once.

:hugs: :two_hearts:

Awe bless I do hope you get good news and get an end to this suffering XL😘

I wish you the very best of luck with surgery. I hope that you recover well and are pain free very soon.