Measuring Styloids with DICOM Viewing Software

Thanks again for all of the helpful support and advice. For those that followed my introduction thread, you may recall that I had a radiology report suggesting Eagle’s Syndrome called out. Then, in response to a request for measurements, the same radiology then reported a 180 degree turnaround and stated the images did NOT display an Eagle’s finding.

Question to those that have used software to measure their own Styloids: Is the measurement function available in any of the viewing software in 3D mode?

I’m finding the only computer I have access to that runs fast enough to navigate viewing software is a Macbook. I’m using freeware called Horos. With my contrast CT, I’m finding that I am not yet able to locate my styloids when in 2D viewing mode. However, when I switch to 3D mode, the tool to measure is not present as it is in 2D. If someone has had success measuring one way or another with a Microsoft PC version, I will find a machine and run that suggested software. Any advise?

keep on this. Very strange to get a 180 degree turn around and suspicious to me. Anything over 2.5 cm is considered eagles realm if having symptoms. What measurements is the radiologist now stating? I dont give much weight to radiologists findings and that’s why ES specialists like to read the scans personally and have more experience reading them for Eagles.
Isaiah is the more expert on using the DICOM software here and hopefully she can respond soon or others here can be of help. Im on a mac too and tried to play with it and gave up but I also already had my scan read by ES surgeon.

I’m sorry, I’m a complete technophobe, so you’re speaking a foreign language to me :scream: Have you seen the tutorial? I don’t know if any of the advice given in the discussion after the tutorial might be helpful? Here’s a link, sorry if you’ve done all this already!
Making Your Own 3D Images from CT Scan- 3D Slicer Tutorial - Living with Eagle

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Snapple gave me a nice compliment, but sadly, I’m in Jules camp w/ technology. My CT scan included 3D images, or I would never have known what it was inside my neck that was causing all the troubles I had. I am also a Mac user & I know there are others on here who’ve been successful in generating their 3D images w/ measurements. Hopefully one of them can help you.

I think the images you already posted are really good. I would hope that if you send your CT images to Dr. Samji, he does take the time to re-measure the styloids. I’ve heard it said repeatedly that he doesn’t fully subscribe to radiology reports & radiologists’ measurements & does measure the styloids himself. I expect that in your case.

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3D Slicer has a measurement tool to use on 3D images. Learning the program was a little challenging, but the tutorials are very helpful.


Thanks again for the suggestions and sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy getting materials sent off to Dr. Samji for another opinion. His office just received my packet today.

My measurements came back as 2.3 cm right and 2.4 cm left, just under the 2.5 guideline. It will be interesting to see what Dr. Samji’s findings are from him having a look at the scans himself. I question the 1/10th of a cm difference from side to side, but suppose it could be possible due to the zig and zag directions my left styloid looks to have grown in.