Meeting with Dr. Samji Tomorrow ( October 1st)!

Well.....any last "words of wisdom" before my clinic visit with Dr. Samji tomorrow?

I leave Spokane at a crisp 4:30 a.m. for a flight to San Jose.........ugh.

We shall see where this journey leads......hopefully somewhere good!!!


best of luck tomorrow Todd. I do not have anything wise to contribute, but I will be sending hopeful thoughts towards you and San Jose!! I really hope that you will get good news and help from Dr. Samji

well I came to think of that you could maybe ask him about vasovagal vertigo/syncope and how that relates to ES? I read in some earlier post that you too suffer from vertigo.

I asked my surgeon today, if the vagus nerve could be affected. He did not seem to think that the styloid or ligaments could affect the vagus. But he did not convince me… It would be interesting to hear Dr Samjis point of view :slight_smile: