Meh Eagles

Has anyone else experienced slight memory fog?

I feel like I keep forgetting everything and nothing makes sense.

Can I get some advice?

Currently in my senior year of my Economics degree and just got diagnosed a few months ago now. Hopefully surgery with Dr. Hackman before the end of this year.

I’m struggling really hard with classes, though I’m taking a lot of very hard classes, including Econometrics, Intermediate Macro and Micro Theory and Data Skills for Economists. I’m typically on top of my game, but this semester, I’m already behind.

Do you think this could be due to the Eagles or am I just making excuses for myself? :slightly_frowning_face:


I had vascular ES & that can cause brain fog, so it may well be causing yours :weary: It was hard enough trying to decide which type of lettuce to buy in the supermarket, let alone taking classes like you are!
I’m sorry, I can’t remember what your symptoms are, if you have possible vascular ES? And are you taking any meds for pain, they might cause it too?
Also most of us have had trouble sleeping with the pain, getting comfortable etc, so that won’t help…
Is there any way you could have a break from the course, or be allowed extra time for medical reasons? Not sure how the US system works?

Yes Dr.Heckler at Duke said that I have vascular ES and nope I’m not taking any pain meds right now besides my sertraline.
I’ve also been having SERIOUS hand pain, like I keep dislocating and relocating my thumb but that doesn’t actually seem to be what is actually happening? I don’t know. lol
I’ve got my appointment on September 30th with Dr.Hackman at UNC and he knows about me already so hopefully can get surgery ASAP and maybe these symptoms will go away then?
I just hate making excuses for myself, especially because others don’t really know what Eagles Syndrome is or understand how bad the pain is, especially with 6+ cm on both sides.
I still have time to drop a class I believe and receive a refund but I only have one year left and everyone keeps telling me not to quit school because “I might not go back”…


It can take awhile after the surgery before symptoms fully subside. Some will be gone when you wake up, but compressed veins/arteries can take a few weeks or more to open back up & allow more normal blood flow.

It’s my opinion that your body is already stressed enough due to the ES nerve irritation & vascular flow issue, that dropping a class is not be a bad idea. I suspect that once you feel more like your old self, & your brain fog lifts, you’ll embrace finishing your education & not the opposite.

It’s rotten timing, but extra stress won’t help with symptoms (increased muscle tension can trap nerves & increase pain, as well as inflammatory response…), and with recovery after surgery too…a difficult decision! Thinking of you :hugs:

I found that I had anxiety from the pain before my ES surgery and the anxiety made me soooo tired. The anxiety also caused me to have issues with decision making.

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