For those in MN - Mpls. area

So, this morning I met with Dr. Garvis at the Plymouth office. I thought highly of him, was pleased.

He seemed very knowledgeable/competent.

We would do the left side after taking out that side of the tonsils..I guess I fear the aftermath as I suffer greatly from sinus issues.

Next Tues. I will meet with Dr. Gendron (female) at the Woodbury office (I think).

I was tempted to cancel this next one as it seems Dr. Garvis would be a go, but as long as It's made, I'd best keep it.

Dr. Garvis would do it at Abbott in the cities.

I have had MAJOR sinus issues the last few years. I am typically in for antibiotics once a month and have not been congested once since surgery - both tonsils removed.

I have a lg. cyst on the tonsil side (worst side) and my tmj specialist mentioned how things may improve by removing the tonsils. And like Dr. Garvis said, you have to remove that tonsil to get at the styloid.

He said he doesn't do the extroral (?) way because you could damage a facial nerve. He has done them before but why do it that way and take a chance.

Were your tonsils removed because of this surgery? And how painful is it?

Sounds like a great visist!

Glad he gave you a reason for going through the mouth. I had not heard that there is greater risk of facial nerve damage with extraoral. Good to know.

Btw, I had adult tonsillectomy. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but it was uncomfortable. I could not talk or eat for the first week, but the meds totally took care of the pain.