Must-Haves for After Surgery

Hi, all! I’m having my bilateral surgery with Dr Hackman in April. I know there are a few things I’ll need for my recovery, like a wedge pillow and ice packs.

What other things would be helpful based on your experiences?

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We’ve had quite a few discussions about this so there is some info & links in the Newbies Guide Section about surgery, and one of our members did a surgery shopping list, so here’s some links:
Surgery shopping list - General - Living with Eagle
I’d add on to that something for constipation as a couple of members have had bad experiences with that, the pain meds can cause it!
And here’s a link to the Newbies Guide Section about surgery:
ES Information- Treatment: Surgery - Welcome / Newbies Guide to Eagle Syndrome - Living with Eagle
You may well find that eating is difficult after surgery, so smoothie ingredients and soft foods are a good idea.
There have been a couple of discussions about where to stay when seeing Dr Hackman for surgery, have you got accommodation sorted?

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Ahhh, thank you so much for sending those links. I looked through the site and searched certain words because I figured it been brought up before but I clearly didn’t look well enough. Haha.

I actually live in NC, about 30 min from UNC/Dr Hackman, which I’m very grateful for. :pray: