So excited :p

So I waited two months to see Dr. Hepworths Nurse Practioner and she decided to schedule the surgery for April 28th… But today I had an online appointment with DR Hepworth. The office actually called me on Monday to say that we should schedule the doctor’s appointment closer to the surgery. But I said no way, and today Dr. Hepworth during the appointment said he thought my case was really severe and he wants to do my surgery in December instead!!! That’s huge for me as I am a college student… Just thought I would share this happy news (:


So fortunate!! I’m excited for you! I was diagnosed a couple mos ago and am still awaiting a surgery date. Given the rise in Covid, it’s looking like Feb/March for me here in MN :confused:

I’ll be excited to read your experience!
Best always!

That’s really good news for you- that you’ve got an earlier date, not that you have a severe case! Hopefully that means not too much time off from your course…let us know when you have a definite date :smiley:

God has answered my prayer for you!, hyperichard! I’m so glad Dr. Hepworth doesn’t work strictly by a calendar but assesses each person according to need. That is fantastic news & speaks even more highly of him as a compassionate doctor. :two_hearts:

Yes, please let us know when you have a surgery date.

I’m still calling every couple of weeks to check on a cancellation list :slight_smile: I’m happy they were able to bump you up.

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Good job being diligent in doing the follow-up, stuuke! I hope it pays off. Waiting for a surgery date can be agonizing once you have a diagnosis & have decided you’re ready for surgery. I hope you can get in soon.


I’m still harassing them to get my first appointment with the NP.

I’m sorry about that! Hard to keep track of everyone’s ES “adventure” timellines. Still, you’re doing the right thing. Keep up the good work!!!

That is fantastic that you got the date moved up! Our daughter is scheduled for April. I wish her’s could be moved up as well. We have an appt. with Dr. H. next week. Congratulations and keep us posted!


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CONGRATS! Maybe there really is a Santa Claus. So glad you pushed to get sooner appt.

Hey all! So, I got a surgery date! They have scheduled me for December 29th, and school starts January 5th. It’ll be really tight but since the first week of school for each semester is dropp add week, I will miss the first week of school and continue on for the second week. I am super stoked!


That’s great news! You may still not be up to much even with an extra week off, but will have to see, everyone’s recovery is different…very pleased for you not having to wait too long!

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I wont have a choice… itll be 11 days since after surgery then I have to go to school or ill have to drop out… But I’m optimistic. With all, I have gone through I am very tough.


EXCELLENT! If your acting classes aren’t too strenuous, you’ll most likely do just fine. Keep ice packs handy even during class time as that may just be the thing that carries you along in the early stages of recovery. I’ll be praying for you! :hugs: