My Favorite Supplements

I thought I might share some of the supplements I take which seem to help with my symptoms, and see what everyone else has tried…
NOTE: not medical advice - talk to your doctor
Coconut Water - by far my most important discovery! Actually, my PCP suggested it as I’m frequently low on potassium and magnesium. I drink Harmless Harvest brand, each brand tastes a little different. This helps with muscle spasms and vertigo. I used to drink Gatorade but coconut water has no additives or preservatives and I think they changed the Gatorade formula- it was less helpful.

Lavender Oil - I have a diffuser and load it up every night. It helps me relax and sleep.

Ashwagandha - this has been shown to help manage stress hormones. I take a few Goli gummies a day, I think it helps.

Red Wine - just a glass or two. I don’t know the exact mechanism, but it will alleviate vertigo for me. More than a glass or two and I’ll feel worse.

Iron - I’m frequently anemic. I take “Mega Food Blood Builder”, it doesn’t upset my stomach.


I like the sound of the coconut water, I didn’t realise it was a good source of magnesium & potassium!
You forgot a really good supplement- chocolate :wink: :wink:


I use coconut water also, I add a little juice to it. I also use body armor instead of Gatorade. It tastes so much better and the first ingredient is coconut water.

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Mega Food Blood Builder I just literally ordered this today even before I saw this post! Thank you !

I like lavender oil to help with sleep. I have an eye pillow filled w/ dried lavender flowers. When it loses its scent, I pour out the flowers & mix them w/ some lavender oil to rejuvenate them. Even just having that scent on my nightstand is helpful.

I take a multivitamin (Phytomulti) that includes iron. Even though I’m not anemic, I find the iron in the vitamin gives me a little extra energy that I lack w/o it.

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There is an aromatherapy oil that DoTerra sells called “tension Blend” that, for whatever reason, really helped my jugular compression headaches when I put it on my neck and temples. It comes in a roller ball and has an herbal smell but I didn’t mind it. High strength cbd cream on my shoulder and neck has helped me as well.

My doctor has me taking vitamin d, fish oil, vitamin c and zinc and something called NAC — he said this can improve vascular elasticity and general vascular health. He suggested it for my small aneurysm though, not for ES. Talk to your doctor obviously before just starting any of these things.