Neck brace

Hi is me again , thought I could go it alone today but woke at 3am with the neck pain and a brain tumour type head ache and water in my eyes, I don’t cry in my sleep
After paracetamol and 4 opiates it didn’t do anything, only getting worse
Sick of all these variables, one day is fine , another day not, depending and where the bone is I guess
Spent all day Saturday knocking posts in the ground to keep my partners animals in so maybe a different exercise has moved this ‘f’ing bone slightly into some other nerves or it restricted blood flow … I don’t know
Can’t afford to go on sick, if I do my job is gone. So I must carry on fixing trucks but as I write it’s one of those days pain is so bad I want to be struck by lightning
I need pain relief that allows me to carry on working or has anyone used a neck brace ?
I can’t do this job half asleep
I haven’t time to read through previous posts looking for an answer
Gp says paracetamol is best and ES is made up by anxiety sufferers
Anxiety happens because she doesn’t believe in my ability to self diagnose
Amitriptyline is ok for sleep but too drowsy next day to function properly
Final question
As I’m a adrenaline junky could steroids be any help to me to combat pain and headaches?
Sorry if these questions are repetitive and if I did ever upset anyone with a post it honestly was not intended.
I can be tactless and insensitive and sometimes selfish she tells me .
This headache is crushing me into the floor and it’s nothing I drank smoked snorted or eaten or injected.:joy:
She says my sense of humour is terrible too.

Optimistic - Your GP clearly has no sense of humor! I’m sorry she can’t appreciate yours.

The best I can offer is for you to try sleeping w/ your head elevated & ice your neck especially soon after you finish doing hard physical labor like you did yesterday. Pounding posts into the ground requires a ton of neck & shoulder work (been there & done that). When you use those muscles extensively over hours they tense up & strangle the nerves in those areas & pain is the end result. I used to get horrendous headaches from my shoulder tension. Just doing some self shoulder massage would help the headaches go away as my muscles relaxed a bit.

If you have a tennis ball or some other type of ball that size, put it on the floor & lie down w/ your scapula (the wing on your back) on it. Move your body so the ball rolls all around the edge of your scap then up into your trapezius (top of your shoulder). Spend 5-10 min. per side. It will be painful because your muscles & fascia are likely very tight. Don’t forget the front side - i.e. your pectorals as they get tight too. You can stretch them by standing in a corner (face into the corner like for a “time out” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) & put one hand on each wall & lean your upper body into the corner while keeping your back straight. That will give you a good stretch across your whole upper chest. Hold it for a couple of minutes. Put “rolling shoulder w/ tennis ball” in the search box for YouTube & many videos will come up. Some are standing w/ the ball against a wall & others are on the floor as I described.

Steroids could be helpful & getting an ultrasound guided steroid & lidocaine injection into your neck on the worst side or both sides may give you some serious pain relief, but it might not be long lived. This procedure has worked well for some people.

I agree that it might be worth trying the steroid injections into the tonsil area, it has helped some members…
Not really surprising that you get so many varying days of pain- it is something which lots of members have noticed, but with the manual labour you do it will flare your ES up.
We do suggest with members that they print off some of the published research articles to take to show doctors; that could be something you do with your GP to help her understand?
I have a spikey massage ball which a physio suggested to me because of the shoulder & neck muscle tension I was getting when I had a prolapsed disc; it does help although I stand up & lean against a wall to wriggle it around as I found on my back it did make me strain my neck so didn’t help that much!
One of our members - eastmas1 was told to wear a neck brace by her doctor- not sure if she has & if it’s helped. We’re all different; it was the sides of my neck which were painful so I think the pressure of that would’ve been too much- I had a V shaped orthopaedic pillow to take the pressure off too which helped me.
Hope that you can find something that works for you. There’s info in the Newbies Guide Section about medications- muscle relaxants have helped some people, lidocaine patches too, if you could try anything like that? There are other nerve pain medications you could try too, but they do often have side effects like drowsiness…