Neck muscles hard as stone

some of you have had these symptoms?
I do not speak a little tense neck muscles, but really hard as a rock.

Mine are super hard and painful...But its mostly my poor posture that's the problem...A massage loosens those right up for me

Massage helps a lot, try a heating pad, and chiropractor care.

I had some exercises to do from a physio which has helped a bit, plus you can get spiky massage balls to help with shoulders- you can lean against a wall and roll it around so you can do that yourself, that helps too. Like Kelx says, it's often poor posture which contributes, but then who can stand or sit tall when you're in a lot of pain... it can be a bit of a chicken and egg, I think!

Has anyone had Migraines due to the muscles being so tight? I try to rub muscles everyday to prevent them from feeling so tight. I also use this cheap massager I bought at walmart and sit back on the couch with it on for 10 minutes. Its helped a bit with the tense feeling.