Symtoms/flare ups

Just wondering if anyone else suffers from these symptoms and your thoughts and opinions please…

Feeling of being chocked
Tightness in neck throat
Chocking on food
Severe tightness in neck, shoulders, and back of neck
Swelling of the neck from jaw to clavicle bone
exhausted from pain and swelling
Bad sore throats

This is just a few of the symptoms that has been going on lately, its completely knocked me on my butt.

Sorry that you’re getting more symptoms… a lot of these have been mentioned on here, so you can do a search for them individually and find previous discussions, there might be some tips to help you.
It sounds as though you might be getting a lot of tension in the muscles as you say you’re having tightness- it can be a bit of a vicious circle when you’re in pain. Maybe muscle relaxants like Baclofen might help, have you tried that? I think other members have found it can help. Also I had physio for other neck problems, and was given some gentle exercises to do which helped me a lot.
Ang1 did a survey including symptoms a while back- unfortunately the final results link seems to have gone missing in the move, but I found the first round of results recently- I’d printed them off before to take with me in case I needed to convince a sceptical doctor, so I’ve put them on in the Newbies category if you want to look at that. It’s quite interesting to see how many other symptoms you have in common with other members!

I know most of these symptoms very well. I found out that my sleeping position plays a role. Leaning forward is no good so right now i sleep without a pillow. I guess that depends on the angle though, with other angles its probably the other way around.

Hi, yes! All of the above! It’s bad today! Wish you well.