Nerves compressed by eagles

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May i ask what are the nerves that can be compressed by Eagles and is the accessory nerve one of them? Thank you lots.

The nerves that can be compressed/irritated by ES are the facial, trigeminal, glossopharyngeal, hypoglossal, accessory, vagus & possibly the vestibulocochlear.

There is a series of videos on YouTube called Two Minute Neuroscience with one video for each cranial nerve. They’re very helpful if you have time to watch them. Here’s the link to one to get you started:

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@Isaiah_40_31 im beyond grategul for all this info and support.

May i ask will a ct of the neck with contrast definitely show arteries or vein compressions?

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@JoJomoo - The short answer is yes with this caveat:
For some people who have vascular compression, having a CTA/V with the head in ONLY neutral position, the compression isn’t obvious. By having the scan done dynamically, w/ head in different positions, compression problems often become more obvious. Another thing we suggested is to notice which head position(s) make your symptoms worse & ask your referring doctor to request the scan to include those head positions.

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