New discomfort

The discomfort I have been enduring was in my jaw and neck and NOW it I'm feeling it in my clavicle area. Does anybody else have this? I'm now thinking it could a structural type of thing. I also want to mention that I went to an ENT doc that suggested not doing surgery but just cracking the calcification. At first this sounded too weird but after hearing all the surgery stories, it is sounding better and better.

I've had a lot of pain and muscle strain in my clavicle- radiating from my neck and/or jaw, usually. Sometimes, I get a very strong pulling sensation there, like the kind of slow-developing muscle spasms I had in early stage birth contractions. Also, at times (like when attempting to chew or when swallowing), pain goes from my jaw and/or the base of my tongue to my clavicle. I've never heard of cracking the calcification, but I would love to learn more.

Hi Terry,

It appears as if we have similar symptoms. How long have you had this and what are doing for your discomfort? I want avoid surgery due to reports it does not always work and doctors are not that experienced in doing this. Have you also read that there can be underlying problem called Glossopharyngeal Syndrome? Do you have a doctor guiding you?

Hi, er. I have no insurance, but a dear friend who is treating me free of charge; she is licensed and extremely skilled in massage therapy (neuromuscular) and acupuncture. She is trying to help me sort it out, and helps me get through my week- my chiro was helping as best he could- but my insurance from the car accident was cut off. I recently have read about glossopharyngeal syndrome, and several others (Eagles, Ernest, hyoid bone, etc.). GS does make sense, as my tongue has given me a lot of pain. I just seem to have some symptoms that cross lines. I wonder if I might have more than one thing going on. The clicking in my larynx, neck pain, and pain at the base of the skull are bothering me significantly right now, as well as the jaw swelling and pain while chewing (when I chew it hurts in some very strange places).

I had a car accident with whiplash, stacked & locked, in late August of 2011. Jaw pain was immediate, as was neck stiffness, which later became extreme pain. I also had a mild whiplash concussion. It wasn't until about 2 months into my treatment that my larynx began clicking. Because of the car accident, my chiro was concerned that my stubborn neck and shoulder pain and stiffness were due to a torn ligament or something similar, but he did rule out TMJ for my jaw pain. MRI didn't show anything, but it was read by the radiologist with a focus on the jaw only. Original x-rays didn't show anything, but also I've heard it doesn't always show up right after the accident. Also, wasn't a panoramic x-ray.

How long have you been dealing with this mess? Do you have a trauma linked with your symptoms? If this/these syndromes weren't so painful and annoying, it would all be very interesting!

One of my friends on here (Amenti) sent me this link, which seems to sort out the symptoms of the similar syndromes. There's even a chart at the bottom, but I have a set of symptoms that seem to fall under more than one syndrome.

I had the exact pain you are having on my right side. The bone was pressing on the brachial plexus nerve. Before the surgery I couldn't lift my right arm and most of the time it ached like a toothache from under my ear into my jaw along my clavicle down into my chest and down into my upper back. After the surgery..... no pain. I can lift my arm! I have an occasional pain in my jaw but I belive that is from clenching my teeth! I am a grinder. lol. ENT's afraid to do the surgery will tell you ANYTHING! But, ultimately, YOU are the one enduring the pain. And CRACKING THE BONE>>>>>>>> yikes...... IT HAS TO BE CUT OUT AND REMOVED! He just is afraid to do the surgery. Find another dr. One who is confident in operating. One who is experienced with head and neck surgery. Mine is a cancer surgeon who mostly removes tumors from the head/neck/throat.

I agree with tiger- cracking the bone sounds scary to me. Does he mean that he would break the bone and then leave it in there? That can’t be healthy.