New One!

As I continue during this recovery process (which ebbs and flows :( , here is a new little wrinkle that started yesterday.

My right foot just starts burning on me.......for about a minute or so, then subsides. Feels like I have it in an oven.....just the right foot. I know......bizarre :ol

Happens about 5-6 times a day so far.

Thoughts??? Ideas??? Am I going crazy :o)


Wow! That is very strange. Do you believe that is related to ES? I have had neuropathies and parasthesia in my legs and feet for about 20 years but never associated it w/ ES because it is in lower body. I cant make any anatomical connection. Does anyone have any evidence?

I have things like that in my feet, but it is probably not from Eagles, most likely something like neuropathy from diabetes or an old injury, could also be from a blood pressure medication or back issues. Some beta blockers cause your feet to burn or swell. Lots of things most likely not Eagles. The Eagles probably hurt so much in the past that other things were not so noticeable.

My foot was injured when a table fell on it, now I have pain if anything touches or rubs my foot where the table landed.

That being said, it could be related in some weird way, but I would not approach it from that direction. No doctor would agree. Easier to address the pain in the foot specifically if it continues.

Sounds like pinched nerve stuff to me? Burning= nerves description. I know I get calf pain if I sit too long. I think it's pinching at the bend near the hip flexor when I sit. Is it on a specific side of the foot…like the arch, or? Possibly in your recovery, you were sitting for long enough to tighten some things up in your lower body or back. Got time for yoga? ;) hehe

It does not hurt at all and is acute in nature. (vs chronic) Just starts "burning" for 5-10 seconds , then quietly goes away. Taking a wild guess, I am attributing it to my nerves starting to wake up and re-figure things out??? Just a theory......what the hell do I know???

@Tee......I tried Yoga, but tipped over while making the "tree". The instructor kicked me out and told me to never come back. They have relegated me to weights and elliptical to not cause any further havoc in the gym. :o)


I couldn't do yoga...... I fell over too!!! :)

Dang balance!!

Keep up the humor about it all!!

Yoga for this group might as well be renamed 'dizzy bat' for the effect it will have on us. lol!

Kicked out of Yoga!!!!! That’s why I stay away from those type of activities!