Referred Pain?

Ive been having a strange pain in my knee. Doc exrayed it and saw no signs of arthritis and its not stiff or swollen. Then I realized that it felt like a toothache and may be a nerve. Now I’m wondering if the ES in my neck could be sending referred pain to my knee. Any thoughts? I found REQUIP for restless legs syndrome helps which tells me its a nerve

Two years ago my feet went numb like they fell asleep my family Dr sent me to sports med Dr and he ran test found nothing but called it neruopthy. I am not diabetic or nothing. I saw a Dr. in North Carolina this past week and it possibly that my ES is cousing my feet to be like this. I believe anything is possible and no family Dr hear in Michigan will know to relate it to ES they just give you meds keep coving up what the real problem is.

PLEASE think twice about using Requip. It has SO many side effects and causes so much harm! Magnesium deficiency causes restless legs AND causes ectopic calcification of soft tissue. I have used topical magnesium chloride "oil" (not actually an oil, but that consistency) for restless legs, charlie-horse cramps, neuropathy in fingers & toes, and plantar fasciitis/heel spur with absolute relief. When I'm getting enough magnesium from lots of dark leafy greens (kale smoothies, spring mix salads, etc), all of my musculo-skeletal issues are subdued. When I get stupid with my diet, I have to do magnesium oil every day.

I know someone who had a very horrible experience with Requip/Ropinerole that completely destroyed his life. I can't say if the pros outweigh the risks in its use for Parkinson's, but it is NOT a good choice for restless leg syndrome, IMO. Give your body everything it needs with a clean, healthy diet, instead of covering up symptoms with harm-causing drugs. It makes me so very sad and anxious that people take these things without having the information they need to make a truly informed choice!!! :(

JJ…thanks and good to know. My personal experience with Requip has been wonderful and I take it as needed for about 6 years now and I have had zero side affects. I have MS and restless leg is common in MS. However with that said, I am going to try and pay more attention to my magnesium intake and see if I feel a difference.