New research paper

Hello everyone,
Just came across this medical paper, hot off the press, that relates elongated styloid to IJV compression and thus intracranial hypertension. Interestingly it does not use the term Eagles Syndrome but “abnormal styloid anatomy”. You may be able to get access to the full article without paying for it through your local library.


Thanks, this is great! Shame it’s research on a computer model rather than people, but anything which raises awareness is good!

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Thanks for that, JustBreathe has posted a link to the same research paper!

Thank you, JustBreathe. It’s great we have a group of forum members who are keeping up w/ current research in the styloid realm! Appreciate the links!

Happy New Year to you!

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For us… any research into ES/styloid processes is a huge win, in my opinion. Thank you!