Numbness in fingers

Anyone experience numbness in their fingers with Eagles? I have transient numbness in my pinky and forth finger on my right hand and wondering what the etiology is. I have carotid compression that is likely worse on the right side so I’m wondering if it’s possibly related to blood flow or an affected nerve?

One of the nerves often affected by the styloids is the accessory nerve, which can cause shoulder and arm weakness, but the nerves which provide sensation to the little finger exits the spinal cord lower down, around C7-C8 I think, so not affected by the styloids. Again, the blood supply to the hand comes from the ulnar artery, the brachial artery, & the subclavian artery, so unlikely to be affected by the styloids. Some members have also had TOS symptoms (Thoracic outlet syndrome) where blood vessels &/ or nerves are compressed in the lower neck and arm pit area.
But members have had weird symptoms which can’t be explained anatomically!

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Since the styloids muck around with so many nerves in the neck & can cause the cervical vertebrae to shift around to try to maintain alignment that makes sense to your body, there is a very small possibility that your finger numbness could be indirectly related to ES. We have had members who had resolution of similar symptoms once their styloids were gone.