Phrenic nerve - sorry I am a bundle of questions!

As I have extremely tight and irritated muscles on my left side, does anyone have experience or knowledge with phrenic nerve being caught up in ES? Thinking of potential nerve compression from my bone like scalenes. TIA

It’s not a nerve I’ve ever seen in research papers etc as being involved with the styloids- as the phrenic nerve originates from the C3-C5 spinal nerves in the neck, & the styloid processes rarely grow beyond C2, I doubt that the SPs could compress or irritate it- but as ES pain can cause posture changes & tight muscles in the neck & shoulders, it could maybe be those tight muscles which are squeezing the phrenic nerve? So ES is not exactly a direct cause, but could be an indirect one…

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Thank you so much… I need to follow it’s path to see which muscles could be clamping down on it. I do have a bad cervical spine, which coincidently is only symptomatic on the left, where my styloid dagger is… So is a bit hard to parse out what comes from what. Hoping this journey peels a significant layer of my pain and dysfunction off )).