Oh one more thing and asking for a little help

I am going to ask for a small favor, ok kinda big.... my doc has an old scan from my after my disc replacement. He couldn't see anything on that disc. Can I possibly bug you all for a quick count on you all that have had scans and had nothing show?????? Just a count is all. I plan on going in there with all my possible info. He has only seen one case of this before. I have a huge packet for him with everything highlighted lol and I want everything covered, ya know!!!!

Just wanted to let you know that I had x-rays and CT scans that didn't show anything. My Eagle's didn't get diagnosed until the doc had a 3-D CT scan done.


My dr could see enough to notice E.S but when he got in couldn't tell on the scan that my calcified lig was as wide as a dime etc... nor did he see that my hyoid bone was calcified. sad to say.. but the radiologists honestly can't read for E.S and that doesn't help. This should be taught in school.